Consulting Services

Bin design recommendations
Conceptual bin design recommendations for reliable flow, retrofit and new designs. Report describing recommendations along with sketches is provided.

Feeder design recommendations
Volumetric and gravimetric feeder designs are provided, including, screws, belts, vibratory, loss-in-weight, and gain-in-weight systems.

Structural analysis
Association with structural engineer to calculate loads on silo walls due to initial flow and dynamic loading conditions imposed by bulk solids flow.

Transfer chute design
Determine proper configuration of chutes to ensure uninterrupted chute flow and limit premature wear.

Site visits 
Conducted to observe equipment, analyze flow problems, and meet with interested personnel.
A trip report is provided upon completion.

Seminars on solids flow
Valuable information on solids testing, analysis, and design technique is discussed. One and
two-day courses offered.

Pneumatic conveying
Association with pneumatic conveying expert to provide unbiased design and troubleshooting of pneumatic conveying systems.

Testing Services

Cohesive properties
Predict opening sizes to prevent bridging and ratholing, by determining your material’s cohesive strength as a function of consolidation pressure.

Wall friction properties 
Determine wall slopes for mass flow, by measuring the friction that develops between a bulk solid and any hopper wall material.

Compressibility properties 
Measure a material’s bulk density as a function of consolidation pressure, which is required in the analysis of bridging, ratholing, and hopper angles.

Flow rate evaluation 
Determines the limiting discharge rate of a solid by measuring its permeability to air or gas. Also used in the design of air injection systems.

Segregation testing 
Determines the degree of segregation due to sifting and/or fluidization. Information contains the potential for segregation to occur.

Chute testing 
Measures chute angles required to ensure reliable flow through chutes.

Pneumatic conveying parameters
Provide recommendations and air flow/pressure parameters to be used in the design of pneumatic conveying systems (in association with a reputable pneumatic conveying testing laboratory).

On site testing 
Sometimes required to ensure exposure to representative environmental conditions.

Moisture pick up testing 
Determines the increase in moisture as a results of exposure to high humidity conditions.

Particle size analysis
Determination of particle size distribution through sieve analysis.