19th Anniversary

This year, we celebrate our 19th Anniversary!

Joe Marinelli

Joe Marinelli

We began our journey in September, 1997 and since then, Solids Handling Technologies has grown to become a renowned bulk solids handling consulting firm. We stand

by our motto Expertise, Integrity, Reliability as we pride ourselves on providing bulk solids testing services and practical design recommendations to solve our client’s flow problems. We look forward to providing these services and working with our clients for years to come.

Additionally, we would like to in troduce Scott Miller who is joining us as a Senior Consultant on September 26, 2016. Scott will work closely with our clients to provide the expertise required to evaluate and solve their solids flow problems.  He will analyze flow properties test data produced by our testing laboratory, and write Flow Reports describing the parameters necessary to resolve flow problems.  Scott will be also be actively involved in providing practical conceptual design recommendations to our clients.

Scott Miller

Scott Miller

Scott is enthusiastic and excited about our approach to solving solids flow problems.  He received his Bachelor of Science  degree in mechanical engineering, with a minor in mathematics from Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA.  Scott recently worked as a plant engineer at major power generation facility in Pennsylvania, where he was integral in monitoring their anthracite waste CFB, planning outages, and providing solutions to typical coal handling problems.  He can be reached at: scott@solidshandlingtech.com

As Solids Handling Technologies continues to grow, we continue to take pride in our motto which ensures that we maintain the same approach of attending to our client’s needs and providing practical design recommendations to solve their problems.

On behalf of Solids Handling Technologies, I would like to thank our clients for their continued support and loyalty.

Joe Marinelli



Solids Handling Technologies, Inc. provides testing and consulting services to all bulk solids handling markets.  Flow properties tests are conducted on a Jenike Shear Tester.  Consulting services include the evaluation of bulk solids flow properties and the generation of recommendations for bin and feeder designs to ensure reliable solids flow.

Joseph Marinelli has been providing consulting services since the early 1970’s.  As a former consultant with Jenike & Johanson, Inc., he has years of experience testing solids and designing bins and feeders for reliable flow.  Mr. Marinelli lectures frequently on the topic and has published several articles including a chapter in a chemical encyclopedia and food technology book.

Solids Handling Technologies’ expertise ranges from developing test programs and evaluating test results, to designing bins and feeders to solve complex solids flow issues.  Objective, practical recommendations to ensure reliable material flow are essential to our position as consultants


The field of bulk solids handling was developed due mainly to the work of Dr. Andrew W. Jenike, who pioneered the theory of bulk solids flow.  Working with Dr. Jenike in the early 1970’s provided a strong base and we have been providing consulting services and solutions to solids handling problems since then.

Our primary emphasis is to resolve problems experienced by those industries required to handle bulk solids, such as: chemical, food, plastics, pharmaceuticals, power and many more.

We are committed to providing practical consulting services to clients with difficult solids handling problems.  The scientific approach to the storage and flow of bulk solids that was developed by Dr. Jenike in the 1950’s, is still relevant today.  This approach is the standard today through ASTM for measuring bulk solids flow properties.  We stand by our recommendations having developed a reputation based on reliable, practical solutions to industry problems.


There is a fundamental difference between the customer of a manufacturer and client of a consultant. Having been exposed to both areas of the industry allows a unique approach to our consulting business. Practical solutions are required to solve a client’s problems and our manufacturing experience enables us to provide practical, economical, reliable design recommendations.